The Bible in a Year – How to Read Your Bible Effectively

Have you ever read the Bible in a year? No? If you’ve always wanted to read the whole Bible from Genesis through Revelation but didn’t know where to start, there are three key resources to use that make it easy and even fun to read.

Whether you’re a new Christian or simply new to reading the Bible, you should know how to read your Bible effectively to gain the most from God’s Word. I read my Bible every day and often find inspiration for sayings and designs for my Christian tshirts business.

Christians should definitely read their Bibles every day, taking time out of their hectic lives to spend quiet time with God and focus on a particular message.


Where Do I Start to Read the Bible in a Year?

Now, you can simply pick up your Bible, start in Genesis and read a chapter or two every day. But, are you reading your Bible just to say you have, or are you reading it to actually gain knowledge from it?

I wanted to learn from my Bible, not just read it to say I’ve read it. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy a large, heavy and expensive “Study Bible” with microscopic print that these old eyes couldn’t see.

bible in a year

Thankfully, my church family showed me resources that I didn’t know about. I read the whole Bible in a year in 2020 and started it again in January 2021. I decided to do a tutorial video (above) to show you the resources I use to read my Bible effectively and in a year’s time.

Resource 1. A Bible

The first resource you will need is a Bible. But don’t worry if you don’t own a Bible yet. There is an online resource called The Bible Gateway that you can use until you get a Bible. There is a search feature so you can bring up just the book and chapter you want to read, and in any translation you prefer. My default is the New King James, which is what my super large print Bible is.

Having a physical Bible is much better than reading it online. You can highlight your favorite passages as you go and bookmark passages that you’re in the middle of so you can go right back to them. I especially love the red letter edition of the Bible. All of Jesus’ words in the New Testament are written in red letters.

Resource 2. The One Year Bible Reading Plan has The One Year Bible reading plan, which is an online guide to reading the Bible in a year. It gives you particular passages to read every day and helps you stay on track. This is a completely free resource, too! The site also has daily devotionals you can use.

Resource 3. The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a resource that will help understand better what you’re reading. Each book of the Bible has an overview video that explains what is happening in that particular book. This is a fantastic resource for those who are new to reading the Bible, or for those who have already read the whole Bible once but want to read it again with more understanding.

The videos bring the content to life so you get a better feeling for the people the books are about. I really love The Bible Project, and even though I went through all the books when I read the Bible in a year the first time, I still go back and watch some of the videos before reading a new book.

Crushing the Roadblocks to Understanding the Bible

When you were little, did you always ask Mom or Dad (or big sister, big brother) to read to you? My kids did, and my younger grandkids do now. For some reason, many people learn better when they have something read to them, which is why I think audiobooks are so popular!

Audio Bibles on YouTube

Thankfully, you can find many YouTube channels with audiobooks of the Bible in almost any translation: King James, New King James, NIV, ESV, etc., and in a few languages other than English.

No one can use the excuse anymore that they don’t remember what they read, or they don’t like to read or reading is boring. Some of the audio Bibles on YouTube are even dramatized with background music and use different voices for the different characters talking.


Making Bible Reading a Habit

I heard somewhere that once you do something consistently for 30 days it will become a habit. Once you know how to read your Bible effectively, do it every day for at least 30 days and eventually, you’ll realize that if you miss a day, you’ll feel like you forgot to do something. That will be God telling you that you forgot to read the Bible that day!

After reading the Bible every day for a whole year, I’ve actually felt like that, like I can’t really start my day doing anything else until I’ve read that day’s passages. I plan on reading the Bible in a year every year for as long as I can. I rather enjoy it and it helps during Sunday sermons to have read what the passages are going to be for that Sunday.

I hope this helps you and if you watch the video, you’ll have an even better understanding of how you can read the Bible in a year effectively, and read it every year!

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