Separation of Church and State-Debunking the Myth

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Most discussions about the separation of church and state oppose the role of Christianity in the United States and arise from an abysmal ignorance, so deep as to be unfathomable. You can endlessly drop boulders into this chasm of intellectual darkness without ever hearing one hit bottom. The Separation of Church and State Claims are … Read more

Easy is the Enemy of What is Right

Easy is the Enemy of What is Right

My topic in this blog post is on Sunday’s church sermon. “Easy is the Enemy of What is Right.” I really liked that and now every time think that something would be easy to do, I stop and think, ‘Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.’ Easy is the Enemy … Read more

How to Find Motivation as a Christian

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Even Christians need to know how to find motivation. This is especially true if you have conditions such as depression or anxiety and you just don’t feel like doing anything. I know there are many days when I get up and I just don’t really feel like doing anything. Some of my lack of motivation … Read more

Taking Your Kids to Church

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Now that I’m a grandmother, I’m realizing how important it is to start taking your kids to church when they’re little, as young as possible. When you find a church with an active and happy children and youth ministry, your kids will learn early about Jesus and be more likely to stick with it through … Read more

How to Read Your Bible Effectively

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Whether you’re a new Christian or simply new to reading the Bible, you should know how to read your Bible effectively to gain the most from God’s Word. I read my Bible every day and often find inspiration for sayings and designs for my Christian tshirts business. Without the Bread of Life You Will Be … Read more

Living in the Valley of Despair or Fear?

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Are you living in the valley of despair or fear? Are you going through pain, troubles or heartaches that would describe your valley as the valley of the shadow of death? (Psalm 23:4) Christians Living in the Valley We’re all human and as such, we all experience bad times. How we handle them can make … Read more