About Me & My Testimony

KarenHi – I’m Karen Musselman, owner of this new Jesus T-shirt business. I’ve been doing business online for several years, mostly part-time to supplement a full-time income.

However, due to medical conditions that like to keep creeping up on me the older I get, I’ve had to shut down many of them. Eventually, I ended up on permanent Social Security Disability and now can only work from home.

I ran a blog for about six years to help others quit smoking by using vaping technology. But that field is still a bit too controversial and recently, instead of adding more content to it, I felt the Lord leading me to sell it.

My Testimony: Getting Back to the Lord

I became a Saved by Grace Christian decades ago, but it took me a long time to really understand what it all meant. It wasn’t until my little brother was killed in a motorcycle accident in January 2017 that I felt the need to get back to church.

I had started seeing a grief counselor but after one church service in November 2017, I felt the peace and comfort of the Lord and His Holy Spirit fall around me and I canceled my remaining appointments the next day.

Yes, I still struggle with the emptiness the loss of my brother left behind, but praying and talking with my new friends in Christ gets me through the downtimes.

I also started doing daily devotionals with the First5 app. One of those devotionals was speaking to God’s Will and His purpose for your life.


Using Your Talents to Serve Christ

The whole idea of a Christ-centered business designing t-shirts has been coming to me in pieces every day this week. I just have a feeling that this is where God is leading me based on my talents with computers and designing.

Every day I do my morning devotionals a new idea pops up for a Jesus T-shirt design or the Lord points out a verse of Scripture to me to make a design around.

I feel Inspired. I already know how to build a blog, I know how to write and I’m familiar with online marketing. I also know PhotoShop and how to search for and create popular design layouts. It’s also a non-intrusive way to spread the Word of God!

Many businesses help spread the Word and the Lord rewards them for it. I’ve launched my Jesus T-shirt business because I feel this is where God is leading me.


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