Reading the Bible – On Your Phone?

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time reading the Bible on my cell phone, especially in church. Yes, it’s probably more convenient than bringing a physical Bible with you, especially since you already have your phone on you.

reading the bible cellphone

But, besides my aging eyesight, there’s just something about holding a real Bible, leafing through the pages and reading God’s word, without the constant distractions of email notifications and text messages.

No Cell Phone? No Problem!

When I was growing up, cell phones hadn’t been invented yet so there were no distractions when reading the Bible like there are now. So I guess I’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to my Bible vs. a cell phone.

I do have an app downloaded on my phone if I want or need to access the Bible when I don’t have mine with me. is a fantastic resource that’s instantly available as an app if you need to quickly find a passage of scripture. The search feature is fantastic for finding what you need fast.

You can also read the Bible in a variety of different versions too; for example, NIV, NKJV, etc.

But there are things you can’t do while reading the Bible on your phone and these are things I like to do while studying, especially during my morning devotionals:

Things You Can’t Do Reading a Bible on a Phone

1. Underline or highlight certain verses. When we first started going back to church, I used my mother’s Bible, the one she bought just months before she passed away.

As I paged through to the scripture we were studying that morning, I saw several verses that my mother had underlined. To me, that was a sign from God that I was in the right place.

reading the bible highlight

If my mother had used her phone for reading the Bible, she couldn’t have left the Bible for me with her handwriting in it.

2. Bookmark one passage while reading a second. You rarely just focus on one scripture or passage during a Sunday sermon or while doing your morning devotionals. For example, I’m currently in a Bible study reading passages from both Leviticus and Hebrews. How convenient it is to just hold my finger or put a piece of paper into one Book while turning to the other and back again.

Unless you have keen eyesight and quick thumbs, imagine having to open a couple of windows on your phone at the same time, switching back and forth.

3. No annoying interruptions. I’ve never seen a Bible with pop-ups in it, at least not for adults. My Bible doesn’t buzz, ring, or vibrate whenever someone’s trying to get a hold of me. If it did, I’d probably think it was possessed and I’d buy a new Bible!

Yes, you can probably go through your phone’s settings and turn off all of the apps that may distract you: email notifications, new text messages, Facebook messenger and comments, etc. But then you have to turn them all back on again after church is over.

Most Sundays I just leave my phone in the car or I’ll turn off the “bells and whistles” and leave it in my purse so when I’m reading the Bible, there are no distractions.

4. Low battery warning. I don’t know about your Bible, but mine doesn’t need batteries to operate efficiently. It’s always ready, regardless of how long I use it. I don’t have to charge my Bible. Its purpose is to charge me.

reading the bible pillow

Which Do You Prefer – Cell phone or the real thing?
Do you use your phone to access the Bible or do you just use it as an adjunct to the real thing? Let me know! Leave your comment below!

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