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Knit Together in Love

“… that their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love…”
Colossians 2:2 (NKJV)

I never thought I’d actually enjoy knitting until several years ago a good friend of mine taught me how. She and I would either sit outside at my place or over at hers and knit together for hours. She had a hand-knit golf club cover business and I helped her with her orders.

We were knitting on small circular needles and unfortunately, I started having problems with my thumbs, wrists, and shoulders and couldn’t continue knitting on needles.

Knit Together From Needles to Looms

A few years went by and I decided to try knitting again. I looked for a pattern to knit a Minion for my daughter for Christmas. I found a video tutorial to loom knit a minion but I needed a loom. My stepdaughter had a loom kit in her closet that was sitting there unused for years. I had my husband confiscate them for me.

knit together loom

While knitting the minion, I found that I could knit on a loom for hours and not have any arthritis problems or any other aches due to knitting. I started knitting all kinds of things on the looms; Barbie clothes for my granddaughter, nieces, and cousins; Christmas ornaments to give away at our family’s Christmas Eve party, hats, gloves, and hearts for my husband.

After a few months, I thought it would be nice to find a local knitting group or club so I could get out of the house more often and knit together with some new friends. I’d mentioned it to my husband a couple of times, but I wasn’t finding anything that really looked too interesting.

God Winks at the Stitches Knitting Group

Right about the same time, we started going to a new church. After our first service, we were looking around in the lobby and talking to some new people who welcomed us. I spotted a table with some yarn and needles on it and walked over. I grabbed my husband and said, ‘Look! This church has a knitting club!’

Yes, another God Wink that we were in the right church!

knit together pillow

“Stitches” is one of our church’s Small Groups. We meet once a month where we worship, crochet and knit together in love, creating beautiful items for charity. I’ve been able to take some of the crochet patterns and find ways to loom knit them so they look similar to the finished crochet items.

We knit squares that are later assembled into large blankets; dishcloths, washcloths, and little hats for newborns. It’s an amazing group of God-loving women – and even one man so far who likes to crochet! We chat about all kinds of things while we stitch away at whatever project we’re working on that month.

Sometimes, instead of knitting something to give to charity, our project is to create something personal or something you would give a close friend or loved one. I knitted roses one time to give to my daughter, daughters-in-law, aunt and cousins.

Most recently, I knitted two large sunflowers for my grandson and his fiancée’s wedding. We’ll be framing those now that they’re in their new apartment.


It’s Fun to Knit Together in Small Groups

With my new sisters in Christ, I don’t have to knit alone anymore. Even when I am at home alone with my loom between meetings, I know I’m making something that others in our group are making too.

I actually feel like I finally have a purpose for my knitting and Jesus is looking down on me with a wink.


Do You Knit or Crochet?

Are you in a local knitting group or a small church knitting group? Tell me what you love about yours in the comments below!

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